What's On Tap - Live

We price the solution by location and include 20 taps and 20 beer tokens with each subscription.  We'll provide you with a code snipit to add to your site one time and from then on all updates happen realtime and are easily controlled by your bar staff.


Per Location - $20 per month

Each location includes coverage for up to 20 taps and includes 20 beer tokens.  If you need additional taps or additional beer tokens those can be added on ala-carte.


Add 10 Taps - $5 per month

If your location has more than 20 taps we can accommodate you.  Add groups of 10 taps for an additional $5 per month.


Add Beer Tokens - $5

Your package includes 20 unique beer tokens.  If you need more they can be purchased for $5 per beer token.  We will create the beer token(s) and mail them directly to your location.